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   TRADITIONAL SENIOR CARE                      

 Professional Senior Care Entrepreneurs work one on one with their own Elder, Senior, and/or Disabled Clients to take care of whatever personal care needs that they may have.

The needs of the Elder, Senior, and the Disabled community are not always medical- which makes this business very fast and easy to get into.

Between now and 2020, AARP-(An organization geared to enhance the quality of life for everyone as they age) projects that Senior/Disabled care service will be a 279 billion dollar industry! AARP Caregiving Market Report

You can take better advantage of this BIG BOOM by easily starting your own independent private care service for 1 or multiple Elder, Senior, or Disabled Clients.

Licensed Nurses and Non-Medical Professional Senior Caregivers have been Independently running their own businesses and getting paid very generously out of pocket since the mid 80's.
You do not have to have a medical background or experience to be a Professional Senior Care Entrepreneur-How do you go above and beyond?

The demand and need for Senior/Disabled Care Services is HUGE and will always be around! 

In my 10 day blog series, I teach you how to have your own Independent business by helping the Elder, Senior, or Disabled community.

Because there are multiple services that you can choose to provide, you can run your business part time, as needed, around the clock, day or night, full fledged, online or offline!

Here is a brief summary of my blog series-

How To Become a Professional Caregiver Entrepreneur for Seniors and the Disabled

Day 1: Private Duty Caregivers-So What's the Secret?
I explain in full detail the meaning of Private Pay, and Private Duty, and tell you what inexperienced non-certified Caregivers were up to right under our nose! Begin reading day 1

Day 2: The Underestimated-Underpaid Caregiver
I talk about how Professional Caregivers and Certified Nursing Assistants still do not fully realize their monetary worth in the Senior/Disabled care industry, and how many like myself, took matters in our own hands. (Learning from non-certified and inexperienced Professional Caregivers!) Begin reading day 2

Day 3: What Type Of Services Can I Provide?
I give you 12 easy non-medical services that you can provide whether you are experienced or not! I also list 14 different services that Certified Aides and Medical Assistants can provide as a private and independent business. Begin reading day 3

Day 4: How Much Money Can A Caregiver Entrepreneur Really Make? 
I give you the amount that you should charge your Senior or Disabled Clients as a new or experienced Professional Caregiver Entrepreneur, which is way over the typical Professionally Employed Caregiver. Begin reading day 4

Day 5: 8 Ways Your Salary Will Increase Every Month
I will show you how you can make more money even if you decide to charge the minimum amount suggested. These salary increases can also happen daily or weekly! Begin reading day 5

Day 6: 8 Key Places To Find Private Paying Clients
Wherever you go on a daily basis, you may be passing by a possible Senior or Disabled Client without even realizing it. I give you 8 for sure places where you can find them- Keep your eyes and your ears open! Begin reading day 6

Day 7: How To Avoid A Drop In Your Salary
After observing Professional Caregiver Entrepreneurs, I decided not to pick up on a bad habit that many of them had. I share with you a personal story, and how to protect yourself and your business. Begin reading day 7

Day 8: The Beauty of Client Referrals
When your Senior/Disabled Clients like you, they love you! This is a beautiful thing because you don't have to market your services. I give you my version of how Client Referrals will make you feel! Begin reading day 8

Day 9: Professionalism
Professional Caregiver Entrepreneurs are a triple threat, or as I like to say, a triple treat! I will tell you how important it is to conduct yourself professionally, because you never know who's watching you-A potential Client maybe?? Begin reading day 9

Day 10: Business Tools You May or May Not Need
I provide you with a few simple business tools, links to very easy- short forms and documents that you may need, and list some necessary items to carry with you on your assignments...,Wanna know what's in my bag? Begin reading day 10

Each blog in the 10 day series takes approximately 3-4 minutes to read. You can read 1 a day for 10 days, or set aside 30 minutes to read them all at once!

I have also provided a virtual checklist for you so that you can begin your own mini Senior Care service within 72 hours following just 8 SIMPLE STEPS!

There are a ton of Elder, Senior, and Disabled Clients who will pay you out of pocket to assist them- They are looking for you! Click here to begin reading.


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