Tiffany is my little angel. She saved my life. I can never repay her enough for all that she has done. 
Ann Hudson

I had the opportunity to not only train with Tiffany, but see her in action by going with her on assessments and senior care assignments. She took me under her wings, and has faithfully been with me every step of the way. Tiffany even allowed me to work with some of her senior clients while helping me establish my own. She is a true business woman who I look up to and speak very highly of wherever I go.
Sandy H.
Sandy's Christian Home Care

Dad had been through numerous agencies and was very picky about who he wanted to assist him. After almost giving up, a friend of ours referred us to Tiffany. The minute I seen her turn the corner to greet dad, I felt that she was the one. Dad took an immediate liking to her as well. He was smiling from ear to ear! After their long and extensive conversation, he hired her. What a relief to our family!
 Laura B.

Whenever we received new clients, I would send Ms.Armstead out to make a great first impression for our business. She established such great relationships with our clients and their families that almost everyone was asking for her, and ONLY her! We still make jokes about how we wish that we could clone her.
Senior Care Agency
Houston, Texas

I refer Tiffany to other Seniors because I trust her. Plain and simple. She has never let me down.
Kenneth S.
Houston, Texas

Even though I entered the Senior Care business before Tiffany, she has blown me away with her knowledge of how to run my services more efficiently. She has shown me how to properly and regularly follow-up with my clients, and has taught me how to capitalize on my strengths, so that my senior clients and their family will have a reason to continue to refer me. Thank you Tiffany!
Anabelle Walker
Private Senior Care Assistant


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